monsieur chillout

calm down. come home. relax. for more than 12 years, raphaël marionneau has been successfully slowing down his fans' everyday lives. his relaxing club or cultural events – combined under the umbrella brand abstrait – and his work as a label owner, chillout- and radio-dj contrast the rapid changes of our multimedia epoch with a modern interpretation of slowness. raphaël's constant success shows: the multitalented abstrait mastermind has a sure feeling for "zeitgeist". his projects are joined by one aim: "i call myself soundpilot, because i want to send people on a journey. no matter, whether i choose electronic or classical music, whether i am in a club or people listen to my compilations. i like them to relax and want to generate subtle emotions" says raphaël.

to reach this aim, his most important tool is an eclectic music mix merging ambient, chillout, downtempo, world music, electronica, lounge, balearic tunes and classical music. on top, raphaël intensifies the effects of his abstract sound-world applying a distinctive visual language to be seen at events or on abstrait products. "being a professional designer, graphics and visuals are very important to me. in my opinion, music and images are closely connected. and i try to find images and designs that communicate the music and vice versa. music gives us the inspiration to dream – and i aim to find natural elements and abstract forms that symbolise those dreams without using kitsch or clichés."


enjoying the relaxing side of nightlife

in 1996, raphaël marionneau pioneered chillout culture in hamburg by inventing. having moved from nantes to northern germany just three years before, raphaël gave hamburg its first monthly chillout club at the internationally renowned mojo club: le café abstrait. usually hosting acid jazz and drum'n'bass fanatics, mojo's legendary dance floor turned into a cosy chillout area for up to 400 laid-back nightlife connoisseurs each month. together they indulged in relaxation instead of ecstasy – a completely new aspect to clubbing and the birth of a new life style: the couch culture.

the abstrait philosophy developed during the mojo club days, where le café abstrait was held until the club's close-down in 2003, still lives on today in different club and cultural projects. in 2009, raphaël picked up the idea of his club concept again. at zoé 3, a hip lounge bar in hamburg's entertainment district schanzenviertel, he hosted the regular evening event perle noire.


from club to culture

raphaël marionneau likes to step off the beaten track. seemingly contradictory collaborations encourage his creativity. among others, it is due to raphaël's commitment that classical music conquered nightclubs and – vice versa – club culture took over concert halls. with le classique abstrait, started at the mojo club in 2001, raphaël marionneau was one of the first who combined classical and club culture by playing dj sets with classical music only. with this unique idea he freshened up the classical genre and reached a new, young audience, unfamiliar with the relaxing effects of debussy, mendelssohn and other composers of four centuries. taking le classique abstrait one step further was raphaël's next innovation. from 2002 to 2006, he redefined classic clubbing at konzerthaus dortmund four times a year by turning its stage into a comfortable lounging area. the regularly sold out shows sent positive waves through the media, even arte tv broadcasted a feature on abstrait. today, raphaël's le classique abstrait tours clubs and cultural venues all over germany inspiring classic and chillout fans alike.

in the past decade, raphaël marionneau took his relaxing concept much further – to new places and spaces. like the firmament for example. in 2002, raphaël launched le voyage abstrait at planetarium hamburg in cooperation with its managing director thomas kraupe. every month, their popular multimedia-show invites an audience of 250 people to see the universe reveal its best kept secrets. meteorites fly by, galaxies sparkle in all their splendour and planets disappear in colourful stardust.

in harmony with the optical impressions, raphaël delivers his relaxing music selection that creates the hypnotic effects of this unique experience. while laser and video projections enlighten the 21-metre-high dome of europe's most modern planetarium, the electronic and classical elements of raphaël‘s music carry the listeners into the distance of the universe's enigmatic, infinite width. sold out time and again, the multimedia-show literally turns into a hotspot for hamburg's clubbing and music scene, when top-class guests deliver their musical definition of zero gravity. so far, raphaël could win hit producers like mousse t., boris dlugosch, the disco boys, schiller, blank & jones, atb, timo maas, ulrich schnauss as well as one of the leading conductors of her generation – simone young – to join his mission at le voyage abstrait deluxe.


raphaël also entered new territories with phil & chill at hamburg's historic concert hall laeiszhalle during four seasons. following concerts of the city state's orchestra philharmoniker hamburg conducted by simone young, he invites music lovers of all ages to enjoy his sophisticated electronic mix at the brahms-foyer. in 2009, raphaël was a part of the cultural program accompanying the international violin competition at hanover initiated by the foundation of lower saxony. at the orangery set in the beautiful herrenhausen gardens he will be playing the klassik lounge – a variation of le classique abstrait – with his very own classic music mix helping up-and-coming as well as established musicians and their fans to relax.

club culture. high culture. couch culture. together they are inseparably linked to raphaël's work. this connection also shows in occasional abstrait special events like the christmas happing le noël abstrait, the live-event le concert abstrait, the culinary le diner abstrait or l'été abstrait, a summerly variation of le cafè abstrait. from 2003 to 2007, l'été abstrait was germany's answer to the balearic chill out culture. at the beach of lübeck-travemünde it was a highlight of sandworld, europe's biggest sand sculpture festival. there, thousands enjoyed the sundowners with raphaël's sunny tunes which mingled in perfectly with seagulls' laughter, the smooth breeze and the soft sounds of waves.

regularly, raphaël performs le cinéma abstrait. in 2006 and 2007 he created this unique cinema performance for filmfest hamburg. during the important hanseatic film festival he had set the cabinet of dr. caligari (1920), nosferatu (1922) and metropolis (1927) to music.

in residency at meßmer momentum, raphaël marionneau redefines a modern tea-time at le moment, once a month at the hafencity hamburg since 2009.


special events and residencies

in addition to organizing his own events, raphaël is internationally booked as a chillout and classic dj for cultural and business events alike. his long booking list is adorned by important events such as a sunset gig at the legendary café del mar on ibiza (2001), the elbphilharmonie presentation (berlin, 2008), the jubilee hamburg kunsthalle - 10 years gallery of contemporary art (hamburg, 2007), the dedication of the marco polo terrace at hamburg's new hafencity (hamburg, 2007), the arena-rave sensation white (gelsenkirchen, 2006 and 2007), the salzburg festival (salzburg, 2006), the english big chill festival (herefordshire, 2006) and the designer fashion presentation viktor & rolf for H&M-collection (berlin, 2006), cartier's fragrance presentation in munich (2011), die lange nacht den museen in frankfurt am main (2004) or in the katharine church in lübeck (2011)

at an important vip-event for avantgarde middle east in dubai in 2008 raphaël shared the open-air stage with tina turner, at konzerthaus berlin he chose the music for the vernissage of the jewellery exhibition maria callas & swarovski bühnenjuwelen and in 2006 raphaël helped classic stars at the aftershow of ZDF's tv-gala opernstars to relax. in 2009, raphaël toured in 5 cities in germany and austria for the escada ocean beach club tour.

in 2010, raphaël started a summer residency at the beach bar wonnemeyer on the beautiful island of sylt with many sunset sessions on the beach until may 2012. in the same year, abstrait & vielmeer was the answer on the baltic sea, with many open-air events on the yacht harbourg in kühlungsborn.

some kilometers away from kühlunsgborn, raphaël started in 2011 a dj-residency at the luxury grand-hotel heiligendamm with the white nights on the beach.


smooth sounds for sofa-surfers

during this very long period of time, raphaël marionneau has always been working as a radio-dj as well. having started his career in france at the age of 16, he continued this passion once settled in germany and started to concentrate on his mission to strengthen the chillout branch. with the popularity of his particular music mix, the radio stations grew: from local radio FSK and, where he broadcasted le café abstrait first, he jumped to klassik radio with his conceptually different weekly show le classique abstrait bei klassik radio from 2001 to 2003.

in december 2004, he found his new home base at NDR's young radio station N-JOY. every sunday night his two-hour-show n-joy abstrait (23:00 to 1:00) with its fine electronic music selection helps thousands of listeners to slow down and lean back. a weekly changing stream on and a regularly updated abstrait radio sessions of great popularity on many radios worldwide complete raphaël's radio activities. and while the stations switched, raphaël's aims stayed the same: to bring new aspects of relaxation to the people and to build an important forum for the european chillout scene on-air as well as online.


relaxation on demand is also available on cd. during the past ten years raphaël released 30 albums (including one music-DVD) mainly on his own label. he started off in the year 2000 with the first part of le café abstrait. in the meantime, the compilation has developed into a very successful series with volume 10 being launched in 2013. other album-series banned the specific sound-worlds of events such as l'été abstrait, le voyage abstrait or le classique abstrait. whether sunny, spherical or classical – they all have amazing chilling effects on the audience. interesting artist-features and collaborations with internationally renowned chillout-musicians complete the abstrait portfolio. the latest release was le voyage abstrait deluxe EP featuring blank & jones and raphaël marionneau in 2009. this digital release has been place 1 in the itunes electronic charts and place 15 in the itunes charts in germany.

close your eyes and relax: raphaël's new compilations, his radio shows, lounge nights und abstrait-events will help to stay relaxed. (text: ina feistritzer)


selected events & festivals


1996 to 1999
- mojo club - hamburg
- prinzenbar - hamburg
- docks - hamburg
- freedom festival - harburg
- erotic art museum - hamburg
- rote flora - hamburg
- phonodrom - hamburg
- the orange walk festival - altona
- mandarin - hamburg
- bar hamburg
- lovefield festival

2000 to 2002
- casino - berlin
- gaswerk - hamburg
- pfefferberg - berlin
- josé padilla (support) - mojo club
- hed kandhi (support) -mojo club
- red hot and dance 2000 - CCH
- MINI world tour london, ,
new york, paris, milan & tokyo
- café del mar - ibiza
- sa trincha - ibiza
- orange club - hamburg
- gum club - hamburg
- lovefield festival 2001
- toscana therme - bad sulza
- stereo deluxe (support) - mojo
- 13. stock - hamburg
- die welt ist schön - hamburg
- galeria - hamburg
- luna club - kiel
- red hot and dance 2001 - CCH
- toscana therme - bad sulza
- schirn kunsthalle - frankfurt
- mixed media festival - hamburg
- luna club - kiel
- loom - nürnberg
- linie neun - darmstadt
- karlstorbahnhof - heidelberg
- rodeo bar - göttingen
- gig-neue welt - hannover
- sage club - berlin
- coffy - düsseldorf
- badischer kunstverein - karlsruhe
- studio 672 - cologne
- mahagoni bar - augsburg
- presseklub - frankfurt
- florida art hotel - hamburg
- stadtgarten - cologne


2003 to 2005
- side hotel - hamburg
- slider - vienna, austria
- stilwerk - hamburg
- mojo club final party - hamburg
- säulenhalle - zurich, switzerland
- lovefield festival
- echochamber - hamburg
- mandalay - hamburg
- edelfettwerk - hamburg
- erste liebe bar - hamburg
- bar hamburg
- 25 hours hotel - hamburg
- edmw - frankfurt
- lounge club - hamburg
- banque nationale - hamburg
- cookies - berlin
- hotel interconti - hamburg
- lounge club - hamburg
- fairy tales - london
- mandarin kasino - hamburg
- halle 3b - münster
- edelfettwerk - hamburg
- pinakothek der moderne - munich
- le cube - hamburg
- mandalay - hamburg
- habitat - hamburg
- indochine - hamburg
- lago bay - hamburg
- moonbootica - hamburg
- liquidrom - berlin
- sandworld - travemünde
- summer callas - aahrus, denmark
- sensation white - gelsenkirchen
- strandkai beach - hamburg
- bounty beach - dresden
- toscana therme - bad sulza
- beethovenfest - bonn
- heidepark - soltau
- lagobay - hamburg

2006 to 2008
- musikhalle - hamburg
- edelfettwerk - hamburg
- prinzenbar - hamburg
- hamburg city beach club
- sensation white - gelsenkirchen
- sommarfesten - malmö
- kalas event - aarhus DK
- club atlantik hotel - hamburg
- gipfeltreffen der stars - berlin
- lucs hausboot - hamburg
- stranddeck - dortmund
- big chill festival - UK
- max mara store open. - hamburg

2006 to 2008
- H&M "viktor & rolf“ - berlin
- hamburger landesvetretung - berlin
- big chill bar - london UK
- marco polo terrassen - hamburg
- strandsalon - lübeck
- galerie der gegenwart - hamburg
- 10 jahre levantehaus - hamburg
- e-werk - berlin
- konzerthaus - berlin
- golf greek club - dubai
- lago bay - hamburg
- audi white nights - hamburg
- stranddeck - dortmund
- salzburg festival -Austria

2009 to 2010
- messmer momentum - hamburg
- zoé III - hamburg
- herrenhäuser garten - hannover
- lago bay - hamburg
- KM689 beach club - cologne
- vienna city beach club - vienna
- bundespressestrand - berlin
- summersounds 2009 - dortmund
- beach club - frankfurt
- royal bar - moscow
- stranddeck - dortmund
- open air kino schanzenpark
- vielmeer - kühlungsborn
- wonnemeyer - sylt
- rosa-luxemburg platz - berlin
- babylon kino - berlin
- stranddeck - bochum
- summersounds 2010 - dortmund

2011 to 2014
- grand hotel - heiligendamm
- bullerei - hamburg
- metropolis kino, hamburg
- n-joy lesungen - hamburg
- arcotel rubin - hamburg
- stranddeck - dortmund

selected festivals
- big chill festival - UK
- sensation white - geselnkirchen
- the orange walk festival - hamburg
- lovefield festival
- red hot and dance - hamburg
- mixed media festival - hamburg
- lange nacht der museen - frankfurt
- beethovenfest - bonn
- salzburg festival - Austria
- filmfest hamburg - hamburg
- summersounds - dortmund
- audi white nights - hamburg
- stummfilm live festival - berlin
- museumsnacht 2011 - lübeck
- phototriennal 2011 - hamburg
- juicy beats 2011 - dortmund
- elbjazz festival 2011 - hamburg